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IN PERSON - IN PERSON - IN PERSON - 4 Sessions - Mark your calendars for September and join us for this IN PERSON class! Are you ready to make a quilt without using a pattern? Start by learning a few tricks about how to pull together a palette of solid colors that will make your quilt sing. Then make various stripes, triangles, and other simple pieced elements, cut them up, and arrange them in a way that's all your own. Your finished quilt will be one of a kind, unique in its color combination, shapes, arrangement, and/or character.

Cost: $ 135.00


Class Information

                   Call us at 479-524-5244 or   Email Us   to reserve your spot in class!              
Want a class you don't see on the list?  Call us and we will make a class for you and 3 or more of your friends. 
The gals that teach the classes here are very knowledgeable about all types of quilting methods.
 Give us a call and we will get one scheduled for you.
 Unless otherwise indicated, all classes are 10:00-3:00 and are $25.   Bring your own Lunch or we can direct you to a close
place to buy a quick snack .